January, 2019


歌羅西書 1:28  “ 我 們 傳 揚 他 , 是 用 諸 般 的 智 慧 , 勸 戒 各 人 , 教 導 各 人 , 要 把 各 人 在 基 督 裡 完 完 全 全 的 引 到 神 面 前”。








Tony & Fiona



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January 2019

Dear Pastors, Brothers and Sisters,

Colossians 1:28 “Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus”.

Time flies and it is 2020 already. We conducted an outreach event on January 6 with a total of 11 participants, including 4 non-believers. Thank God for bringing us a wonderful day. Bing Hung has been discharged from the hospital and is now staying at home. He only got a medical report last Thursday and his doctor advised him to re-admit, but he refused. We visited him and suggested that he would consider re-admission to the hospital. May God soften his heart and give him peace and comfort. 

In addition we visited some senior people. One was 96 years old and she believes in Jesus Christ. The other was 91 years old. She suffers from dementia. When we tried to tell her the story of Jesus Christ she did not speak or show any body language. We will continue to pray for her. We hope for God’s mercy for her and that one day she will have a clear mind and will be able to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

One of the short-term teams arrived on January 18. Air Canada rescheduled their initial flight from January 16 to January 17. But, when they arrived their luggage did not come with them so they had to report a luggage claim. After their arrival on Saturday at 5:00 AM, they rested for a while and left at 8:00 AM to serve God in Los Olivos. We thank God their luggage finally arrived on the Sunday midnight flight.

The team is from Richmond Hill Chinese Baptist Church, Canada. They participated in the services of Los Olivos and Iglesia of Pueblo Libre, which included visiting, distributing gospel newspapers, leading worship and preaching. We thank them for all their love, kindness, efforts, hard work and time for serving God in Peru. After the Sunday service the team is going out on a tour for half a day in Abancay, looking forward to participate in the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

On January 26 is Peru’s general election. This means that all events, including church meetings, are not allowed until 4:00 PM. Therefore, Sunday worship needs to start in the afternoon. At Iglesia in Pueblo Libre we changed the worship service to Saturday instead of Sunday morning. On that day the short-term team will lead the worship service. They will also participate in the afternoon worship of the San Borja church on Sunday afternoon. Then we will be having a pot luck dinner to celebrate the second day of the Chinese New Year.

Please continue to pray for the ministry and thank you for support. 

With Love In Christ,
Tony & Fiona